Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Mountain Tonic

They tell me that the ramp was used as a spring tonic. I am not sure about that but it is the first fresh green that is usually dug up directly underneath the the last snow. Most locals are eating these fresh greens in late March through April with trout, ham, beans, and cornbread.

Maggie Gain, a student in high school, already understands the cooking secrets and spends her sunny afternoon here in the community hall volunteering.

The Helvetia community comes together to clean 82 bushels of ramps for their annual "supper" sponsored by the Helvetia Farm Women. This is a wonderful place to hear all kinds of stories from days gone by and to catch up after a long winter.

For more information about Helvetia and their annual celebrations check the website at

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  1. Well, well...look at those little lovebirds in the bottom photo (aka. my Grandma and Grandpa)- even cleaning ramps they're so cute. I love Helvetia. Maggie is quite the worker, too. Keep the event photos coming.